Monday, June 8, 2015

Visual Studio 2015: Displaying Line Numbers for Files

When talking about code with another develop, line numbers are extremely handy. Visual Studio (regardless of the version) does not display line numbers in source files by default. This is demonstrated below:

In order to enable line numbers, select Options from the Tools menu:

From the Options dialog navigate to Text Editor | All Languages | General.

Check the Line Numbers check box and click OK.Voila! the files displayed in Visual Studio have line numbers as demonstrated below:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Windows 7: Finding Version of Windows and System Memory

I have a client that needs to run a virtual machine (Hyper-V) in order to solve a problem running legacy software. Before making the on-site visit to configure Hyper-V, it is necessary to know the version of Windows on the client computer and the amount of physical memory.  Hyper-V can be run on Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions. The client's computer should have at least 8 GB of physical memory. The client literally needs to open a browser Window in the operating system running via Hyper-V so 8 GB is sufficient memory. 

The steps needed to determine the version of Windows 7 running on the client's computer and the physical memory are as follows:

1) Click in the Windows button

2) This reveals the Start Menu (note Control Panel on the upper right of the Start menu):

3) Click on Control Panel revealing:

4) Click on "System and Security" which displays:

5) From the "System" category select "View amount of RAM and processor speed":

The previous screen shows the version of Windows is "Windows 7 Enterprise" and the amount of "Installed memory (RAM)" is 16.0 GB.