Saturday, July 2, 2022

ASP.NET Core: Improving the Online Documentation (Open Source Contribution)

While working on Window Services for .NET 6 I found multiple issues in :ASP.NET Core fundamentals overview:

The changes committed in my name are as follows (three commits to main):

Actually, I tossed two edits to Marty (mcasey329) and Jayson so there were five commits. I wanted us all to show up as contributors:

XmlDocument/C#: Improving the Online Documentation (Open Source Contribution)

The documentation for .NET's Xml Document class can be found at XmlDocument Class:

This documentation dates back to 2002 and was in need of some changes to make it more contemporary including an update from .NET 1.0 circa 2002 code to .NET 1.1 circa 2003:

And cleaning up the sample code:

One more change merged:

Visual Studio/Debug Local Docker Containers: Improving Online Documentation (Open Source Contribution)

Microsoft's documentation Debug apps in a local Docker container demonstrates how to debug applications in Docker containers:

Three changes I made to this page were committed by Microsoft: