Sunday, October 20, 2013

If it's an MSDN licensed Windows 8 -- no auto upgrade to Windows 8.1

I upgraded to Windows 8 immediately when it was released. The reason was simple -- Windows 8 64-bit supports Hyper-V with 64-bit VMs. As a server developer Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 are 64-bit only. Windows 8's ability to mount ISO's is also a nice perk.

So Windows 8.1 arrives and my laptop that came initially with Windows 8.0 found the update in Windows Store without issue. Alas most of my other machines are installed using the MSDN Windows 8.0 ISO. After some googling (I binged it!) I found: Not all versions of Windows 8 support the free update from the Windows Store. The black list included editions of Windows 8 installed from an MSDN ISO and activated using multiple activation keys as is the case with MSDN.

Microsoft spells it out clearly here: Why can't I find the update in the Store?

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