Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why is it Windows PowerShell and not simply PowerShell?

Logitech  (the peripherals company) just released a hardware device, Logitech PowerShell (Logitech Unveils First-of-its-Kind Console on the Go – PowerShell Controller + Battery). The Logitech PowerShell has nothing to do with Windows PowerShell. Logitech's device is a case for an IPhone 5 that contains a joy stick (okay a joy-stick-like-disk) and four buttons (A, B, X and Y). The Logitech PowerShell coverts an IPhone into a mobile game device (the image below was taken from a Logitech web site):

This begs the obvious question, "Why does Microsoft always say 'Windows PowerShell' and never simply 'PowerShell'?"

Power Shell is a trademark of Sutherland Golf, Inc. from 1999 and likely refers to the outer coating placed on golf balls. This conjecture as to the name PowerShell is based on Sutherland's 1999 patent filing "Golf ball with perforated barrier shell, US 6102815."

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