Friday, January 24, 2014

Visual Studio Online (cloud based TFS): Changing Account Owners

As a consultant, many of my clients do use source code control or use a flavor of source code control running locally on a server (SourceSafe, SVN, etc.). In these cases, I immediately sign the client up for Visual Studio Online (VSOL, with its free, source code for up to five users. Before completing work for a client, I make sure to make each client the account owner of their VSOL code repository.

To change the account which owns a VSOL instance perform the following steps:
1) Have the client create a Microsoft ID if they do not already have one. This is typically the client's,, or email address. For the sake of this example assume the client's Microsoft ID is
2) Login to the client's VSOL that you currently own (our sample repository is: and it is owned by
3) Add the client's Microsoft ID as a user to VSOL which is as simple as clicking the User menu (e.g. and then clicking Add (see below):

4) Navigate to your VSOL instance's  settings page which for our sample repository is

The "Account owner" drop down allows the user to be changed from "Jan Narkiewicz" to "Nicolaus Copernicus."

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