Monday, September 26, 2016

Azure Web App: Publishing Web Site/Service Forgot Deployment Password (getting Publish credentials through the Azure Portal)

In the previous positing, Azure Web App: Publishing Web Site/Service Forgot Deploy Password (introducing Cloud Explorer), it was shown how to find the publishing password for an Azure App Service using Cloud Explorer (an add-in for Visual Studio 2015). The impetus for this was to fix the web site/service deployment issue caused when Visual Studio's publishing wizard forgets the deployment password. Clearly a Visual Studio add-in, Cloud Explorer, is not the only way to determine the password used when publishing the Azure App Service. The same information can be retrieved using the Azure Portal, which is precisely what this blog entry demonstrates.

An example of the screen shown when the Publishing wizard prompts for a password is as follows:

To find the publishing credentials in the Azure Portal navigate to the App Service for the which the credentials are to be retrieved. The initial blade displayed for an App Service is as follows:

Notice in the upper right corner the ...More menu which is shown below:

Clicking on this menu displays the Get publish profile menu item:

When the Get publish profile menu is clicked on the publishing profile is downloaded by default to a user's Downloads folder. The profile file takes the form of:
    <App Service Name>.PublishSettings

The profile file can be opened with a text editor such as Notepad++ which is shown below:

Within the profile the password can be found by searching for the letters PWD which are contained in the userPWD attribute which is shown below:

The userPWD attribute specifies the password used when publishing a web site/service using Visual Studio.

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