Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Opening an inbound port for an Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Azure

In the post, "Creating an Ubuntu Server on Azure," an Ubuntu virtual machine (VM) was setup on Azure. The purpose of this machine was to expose a proxy server that will ultimately run on port 21777. The problem to be solved is that by default the only inbound port open on an Ubuntu virtual machine on Azure is port 22 -- SSH (Secure Shell). The proxy server to be configured will be listening on port 21777 which is not open.

To open the port sign to the Azure port and navigate to the blade used the manage the Ubuntu virtual machine:

The left hand tab contains a set of options including "Network interfaces" (see below):

Click on "Network interfaces" which displays a list IP address for the VM:

Clicking on the lone network interface listed in the table above navigates to a screen that is used to manage said network interface:

Along the tabs on the left is an entry named "Network security group:"

Clicking on "Network security group" displays the following blade:

From the list of one network security group, select the link associated wth the lone security group:

From the tabs along the left size under "SETTINGS" is an entry "Inbound security rules:"

Click on "Inbound security rules" which displays the following:

Along the top of the screen listing inbound security rules is an +Add button:

Click on the +Add button:

For name we entered TinyProxyAccess which is a hint, the proxy server we are going to setup is TinyProxy. Under "Port range" 21777 is entered as TinyProxy will be listening to a range of one ports, 21777. Once the desired information is set, click on "OK:"

The new inbound security role takes several seconds to create by one created it will be listed along with the rule associated with port 22:

The inbound port, 21777, to be used by TinyProxy, is not open.

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