Sunday, February 25, 2018

Git hosted by Creating a Pull Request

For some reason Git had create new names for things that already existed in computer science. The term code review was coined by Charles Babbage in 1810 so two centuries later Git decided that they would change Babbage's term "code review"  to "create a pull request." So this post describes how to create a pull request using a Git repository hosted on

Once a branch is pushed (see Git: Pushing code to a remote repository) a pull request can be generated that allows other team members to review the code. There is no mechanism to create pull requests from the command-line. Creating a pull request is done suing the web front end of the Git provider (GitHub, BitBucket, , etc.).

To generate a pull request for a Git repository hosted on , open the Git project in the web interface and navigate to Code | Branches:

To create the pull request first hover the mouse to the right of the delete icon (the trash can) until three dots (...) are displayed with the tool tip "More Actions...".

Clicking on the three dots (....) displays a context menu that include menu item, New pull reuqest:

Selecting New pull request displays the following:

Notice in the screen above the individual reviewers can be added to the pull request. Also notice that a work item (e.g. Task-335) can and should be associated with the pull request. A correct pull request is associated with only a single work item.

Once the fields have been filled in as desired, click on the Create button to create the pull request.

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