Saturday, December 28, 2019

AWS/DevOps: Getting the Security Group of EC2 Instance using the AWS Console

Getting the security group assigned to an AWS EC2 instance using AWS's Console is trivial. Why discuss such a task? I have a problem. I inherited an EC2 instance and the existing key is with a guy on vacation and offline  I am concerned that DevOps infrastructure exists the uses the key to access the original EC2 instance so swapping keys is not an option. The solution is to clone the EC2 instance and assign the clone a known key pair using the same security group of the existing EC2 instance, hence the need to know an EC2 instance's security group.

Getting the security group for an EC2 instance is performed as follows:

1. Login to the AWS Console:

2. From the console, select EC2 (make sure the region is set correctly which for my project is US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1. You could search for EC2 but AWS puts EC2 top left under All services | Compute:

3. From the EC2 Resources select Running Instances (upper left):

4.From the list of EC2 images, click the checkbox of the EC2 instance for which the security group needs to recorded:

5. The security group can be seen in the Description tab under the selected EC2 instance:

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