Saturday, January 30, 2021

Azure: Installing Azure CLI on OS/X

Microsoft documents installing the Azure CLI on OS/X at Install Azure CLI on macOS but unfortunately following these instructions results in an error. The aforementioned documentation shows the following introduction and brew command to be used to install the AzureCLI on OS/X 

The error generated by using the above brew command to install the Azure CLI on OS/X is as follows:

This command may take a few minutes to run due to the large size of the repository.
This restriction has been made on GitHub's request because updating shallow
clones is an extremely expensive operation due to the tree layout and traffic of
Homebrew/homebrew-core and Homebrew/homebrew-cask. We don't do this for you
automatically to avoid repeatedly performing an expensive unshallow operation in
CI systems (which should instead be fixed to not use shallow clones). Sorry for
the inconvenience!

The following command (removing the brew update &) install the Azure CLI on OS/X without error:

brew install azure-cli

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