Sunday, February 7, 2021

Microsoft Documentation: Does Microsoft follow up on User Feedback for their Documentation (Azure, Docker, ACR)?

Working through the sample code in Tutorial: Deploy and use Azure Container Registry, I noticed that a command prompt (a dollar sign) was included in a script snippet that could be copied from the aforementioned tutorial:

Clicking on the copy button copied the leading $ and the command, docker images:

$ docker images

The above issue is innocuous and most developers would immediately notice the issue when they tried to invoke "$ docket images." Still, the correct text to be copied is:

docker images

At the bottom of each page of documentation Microsoft provides feedback buttons including the This page button to provided feedback on the current page:

I submitted the issue to Microsoft and was pleasantly surprised fives hours later when Bhargavi Annadevara of Microsoft sent an email saying she had submitted a pull request (PR) to fix the issue (see below):

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