Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Visual Studio Code: Disabling Code References on OS/X (a.k.a. Disabling CodeLens)

In the post Visual Studio Code: Disabling Code References on Windows (a.k.a. Disabling CodeLens) it was shown how to disable CodeLens on Visual Studio Code running on Windows.The steps required to disable CodeLens on OS/X (a Macintosh) are shown in this post.

The CodeLens feature of Visual Studio Code shows (amongst other things) the number of references to a method or function such as shown below in an excerpt from the post PowerShell: Fibonacci Interview Question

In order to disable Visual Studio Code's CodeLens on OS/X select the Code menu from Visual Studio Code and invoke Preferences | Settings:

From the Settings dialog select the Text Editor tab and scroll down to the Code Lens checkbox:

Uncheck the Code Lens checkbox. On OS/X it is necessary to close and reopen VisuaL Studio Code in order to have the CodeLens settings changes recognized.

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