Saturday, January 22, 2022

WSL 2.0: wget and ca-certificates -- Key apps for Developing with WSL Distribution

The prerequisites needed to prepare a WSL distribution to be used for development include:

  •  ca-certificates: used by applications to validate the authenticity of SSL connections
  • wget: used by applications to download files via standard protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP)

To install ca-certificates and wget on a distribution use the command, sudo apt install wget ca-certificates, as follows:

The apt common with the install parameter was prefixed by sudo which means a user will be prompted for their password in order to be elevated to the level of privileges required to perform the install:

The install of wget and ca-certificates when completed is as follows:

Appendix A: wget's documentation for wget provides the following man page for this application:

Appendix B: ca-certificates

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