Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Azure: Naming Resources

Before creating an resource in Azure, a naming standard should be followed such as this one proposed by Microsoft, Define your naming convention. An excerpt from the aforementioned article is as follows which demonstrates one of the most commonly adopted naming standards with respect to Azure resources: 

The above naming strategy uses a prefix before each resource name that serves to identify the type of resource. Microsoft provides a comprehensive list of standard resource prefixes in in this document Abbreviation examples for Azure resources. The prefixes for some of the most communly used Azure resource types is as follows:

  • appi: Application Insights
  • asp: App Service Plan
  • cosmos: Azure Cosmos DB database (this is the name Azure uses which includes DB and database)
  • kv: Key Vault
  • logic: Logic App
  • sbq: Service Bus Queue
  • st: Storage Account

From the previous document the standard prefix for an Azure Function is func. An example of an Azure Function name created using Microsoft's naming convention is func-sometestfeature-dev-southcentralus-01:

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