Friday, January 26, 2024

Azure: Open Source Contributions to Azurite emulator for local Azure Storage

Microsoft has begun using AI to write its documentation. One such AI written article is Use the Azurite emulator for local Azure Storage development which contains text like the following:

The use of the word either in text means there should be two options when the AI written text provided three options (npm, Docker Hub or GitHub).

When contributing to a documentation that requires significant rewrite I often make a small change to see if there are active reviewers who can quickly approve the changes. The paragraph above from the Azurite documentation contains my first trial change specifically the text "Node Package Manager (npm)" which as of yesterday (January 25, 2024) was simply "Node Package Manager":

This page has a very active team approving PRs because my first trivial change was committed in under a day. Here is the email notifying me that the PR for the above change was merged causing the change to appear immediately on the Azurite documentation web page:

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